Each E.S.CO piece is handmade with precious metals and natural stones.  All pieces come with an anti-tarnish strip. Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in an air tight container with the anti- tarnish strip. This will prevent the piece from tarnishing. Also wearing your jewelry frequently will prevent it from tarnishing.

Some pieces will be given a dark patina finish. The patina will keep the recessed areas dark. The high points will burnish during every day wear.  

One-of-a-kind and natural stones are used in each piece. Please take off each piece of jewelry before washing hands, doing the dishes, showering, swimming, gardening, and exercising.  Do not get soaps, detergent, lotions, oils, perfumes, hairspray, or sunscreen on the jewelry. These things can cause the metal and stones to change color over time.

If you have any questions concerning care of your new jewelry, please contact me.